Auto Custom Graphics proudly use products from Phase II Sign Supply, Universal Products, Mac Tac, & Trim USA
Auto Custom Graphics specializes in providing high impact visual solutions in the form of car wraps. High quality vehicle advertising and car wraps is a relatively new form of mass promotion that has exploded into the world of marketing. For short-term campaigns or longterm saturation, your car wraps can be removed after six months or six years - without damage to the original
paint of your car. Place your marketing dollars in advertising that generate
fantastic results. With car wraps and vehicle graphics you can reach hundreds of thousands of viewers at a lower cost per impression than any
other form of advertising. Auto Custom Graphics turns your car or fleet of
vehicles into mobile billboards that demands attention. Auto Custom Graphics. Inc. can also meet your needs for Banners, Posters, Decals and magnetic signage.
T-Shirts designed by Auto Custom Graphics Art Department