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Changes for the Chase
Written by Tyler   
Thursday, 04 October 2007


If you put a car in your top 10 and he finishes in the top 10 in the race you get 5 bonus points, even if it is not in the correct spot.  If you put a car in the correct spot you will receive 10 points.  If you guess the correct leader you will receive 25 points. 

This is in an effort to close up the gap in the points during the chase so that we do not have a run away like we did in the first part of the season. 


For the Chase we will be resetting the points by this criteria.  The first place person will be starting the Chase with 9000 points.  As you move down the positions 25 points will be subtracted from the previous  person. 


Absences for the first 26 races will now be erased; however, if you miss just one race in the Chase you are out of the league.  This is only a ten race shootout so you would not have enough time to make up the difference.


Also in the Chase we will have two double points events.  These will be held at Talladega and Martinsville.


We have also decided we will add more extra points depending on your past performances.  We have gone back and figured up who had the most points each week up until the Chase.  For each week you were leading member you received ten points.  Also, for those of you who had not missed a race you received a bonus ten points. 


If you have a “bad” week, one in which you score under 300 we will take the lowest of your scores and replace it with a 300.  If it is a double points week it would be 600. 


Any rule not discussed here will be taken from the rules of the first half.

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