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Unhappy Duke-Carolina Game

Well...I guess we just took one on the chin...No excuses to be made...We missed Lawson , but were still in striking distance at the end...Anybody want Quentin "Turnover" Thomas ???...Why in the hell did they ever offer him a full scholarship ???...Please somebody make me understand that...LOL ...He is as lost now as he was 3 yrs ago...OH... Classy move by Coach K when he told them DO NOT CELEBRATE, JUST WALK OFF THE COURT...Dont like him, but he is one of the best in the business !....
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Re: Duke-Carolina Game

yea yall did!! that was one heck of a game last night all i have been hearing duke got lucky duke got lucky. if they got lucky how did they win!!!
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Re: Duke-Carolina Game

I like that. There was no luck involved. When you shoot the 3-ball that good as a team, and some individuals had amazing nights from beyond the arc (Greg Paulus). And when you keep Hansbrough from scorin for 10 minutes as Duke did in the first half then UNC had no chance. This win proved that if Ty Lawson (the true star player on the UNC roster) doesnt play. Then UNC is truely a 1-man team. Hansbrough was the only key player for Carolina. My self as a Duke Fan, whished that Lawson would have played. Because I didnt like how the game went. I want to see a back and forth battle. That was a good game. But not as exciting as it would have been with Lawson.
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Re: Duke-Carolina Game

It was a very good game. I as well would have liked to seen how it would have went if Lawson would have played.....
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